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The Beer Can House: Recycling at its best Terri Marshall
Are you a beer drinker?  I don't mean just an occasional beer drinker, but one with a regular beer consumption schedule!  Well if you are, I am sure you have accumulated your share of beer cans over the years.  We all know beer cans are recyclable, but one Houston, Texas resident took recycling to a whole new level.
What Are Scoville Units? Nick Lindauer

To understand what a Scoville Unit is, one must understand what they measure. All hot peppers contain capsaicinoids, natural substances that produce a burning sensation in the mouth, causing the eyes to water and the nose to run, and even induce perspiration.

Jack Daniels Supreme Burgers Bucky Ziemelis

2 pounds ground chuck;  1/2 teaspoon salt;  1/2 teaspoon pepper;  1/4 cup heavy cream;  2 teaspoons vegetable oil;  2 tablespoons shallots, minced;  1 1/2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms;  1/4 cup Jack Daniel\'s Whiskey;  1/2 cup heavy cream;  1 large tomato, chopped;  2 tablespoons minced parsley;  1/4 teaspoon basil;  1 teaspoon salt.  Combine ground chuck, salt, pepper and 1/4 cup cream.

Beers and Brats at Zeppelin Hall Deborah Harris

It seems beer gardens are popping up all over the place. From Long Island City to Manhattan proper, Brooklyn to New Jersey, these German brew hauses bring a whole new element to the bar game.

History Of St. Patricks Day Michael Theil

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and one of Christianity’s most famous and widely known figures.

Grilled Albacore Tuna Steak Recipes Hans Dekker

Grilled albacore tuna steak recipes add flair to your dinner table. Asians have a way of spicing up any fish dish with their own wasabi powder.

Luckenbach, Texas: Where Everybody is Somebody Terri Farris

It’s tiny.  It’s simple.

Brasserie V Brian Smith and John Jansen

When in Madison this is a MUST stop! The Beer, The Atmosphere, The Staff. All in my mind = one of the best Pubs in the country…… So where to start???? The Beer obviously but 1st.

Sacred Resolutions at Sacred Chow Deborah Harris
If I were a betting woman, I’d put money on the fact 90% of my audience, myself included,  made a New Years resolution to be healthier in 2010.   While this determined resolve usually lasts all of 10 minutes for me, my quest for fitter…healthier…more simple living…today has guided me straight to the West Village in NYC and Sacred Chow.
It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Terri Farris

Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson’s duet is loved the world over by happy hour fans and no where is that song more appropriate than at the place the video for this classic song was filmed, Castaway Marina - known by the locals as the Square Grouper - located in Jupiter, Florida. 


As a former resident of the Palm Beach area, I spent many Sunday afternoons hanging out at the Square Grouper with friends.

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