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Power on the Go – Behind BARZZ – Bar, Restaurant & Nightlife News

Power on the Go

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We’ve all been there. You’re out at a bar or restaurant and you pull your phone out only to discover the battery is quickly dipping below 10%. Time is running out. Maybe there’s an extra charger behind the bar as you watch the bartender scrambling asking around to no avail. Perhaps you had foresight to carry a charger and now you’re asking if there’s an extra outlet somewhere reasonably close by. There may even be a charging station on the wall to plug in your phone. Either way, you’re left with the choice of leaving your phone to charge somewhere else in the bar or restaurant while it’s charging and the risk that entails or slowly watching your phone die in front of you.

Working on the assumption that you’re waiting for an important phone call from family or work and must have your phone by your side. Or you’re just staring at your latest Instagram post anxiously waiting for your 2nd Like on the image of cheese fries your about to devour. What if you could keep your phone while it’s charging without leaving it unattended?

Enter NRG Portable Power.

credit: Michael Theil / Barzz

With the NRG Station, you can now rent a portable NRG Go Pack to ensure you stay fully charged while keeping your phone. The pack allows up to two charges for your device and the pack can also be recharged. When finished, the Go Pack can be returned to the nearest station or mailed to NRG’s office.


credit: Michael Theil / Barzz

Business owners can visit the NRG Go website and learn how to acquire a station ensuring customers have no reason leaving to charge their devices. Currently, there are dozens of NRG Stations in Houston with other stations expanding to markets across the country. The website includes a map of all participating locations.

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