Jevo Makes Room for Jello

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What Keurig systems have done for coffee, Jevo is attempting to do for gelatin. Jevo is an automated gelatin shot maker that replaces the arduous several hour task of manual gelatin shot making into a 10-minute effortless, flavorful delight.

For bar owners, the machine takes up minimal space and offers up a highly profitable opportunity through precise pouring and a fully automated method of producing hundreds of shots in minutes. The device comes with several proprietary Jevo flavor pods and tracks usage to smartly ship more ensuring there’s never a flavor shortage. There is dedicated space in the front and side of the machine for displaying ads allowing the Jevo to also be leveraged as a promotional tool.


Cost controls are critical to any bar or nightclub. Shot making is often an imprecise and messy process. Over-pours can quickly eat into profit margins and the manual process leads to inevitable product inconsistency. The clean-up costs time where employees are unable to direct more attention to customers. Jevo solves both problems with precise pours and self-cleaning.

Photo: Jevo

Jevo exhibited at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas on March 28 and 29. Observing the process in-person really showcases the ingenuity of the product. The process is so quick and effortless, it almost seemed CEO & President Jeff Jetton didn’t even complete his pitch before the Jevo had already delivered 20 chilled, flavorful, perfectly produced gelatin shots.

While the shot-making benefits are obvious to any bar or nightclub owner, the Portland, OR based company sees far wider applications. The machine is viewed as an innovative solution to promote operational efficiency. For example, Jevo envisions an opportunity for automating the method of delivering vitamins and supplements in the fitness and healthcare space.

In the meantime, we’ll give a solid 2 thumbs up for an ingenious way to deliver the perfect gelatin shot. For more information, check out Jevo at

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