Author: Sal Spadafora

Sal Spadafora is CEO & Co-Founder of BARZZ.Net, Inc. Prior to BARZZ Sal worked for 20 years on Wall St . Started at 17 as a clerk at Merrill Lynch and climbed the ladder to management to work at The Industrial Bank of Japan. Eventually a Financial Consultant at various firms then retiring in 2002 from Paine Webber. Having managed over $300 million in clients assets such the Roman Catholic Church, 401k's, Unions & High Net Clients. In 2006 Co-Founded BARZZ with Michael Theil and the rest is history.

My 9/11 – How Alcohol Saved My Life

  It was 9/9/2001, the Sunday before I had my friend’s Wedding in Chinatown. So far so good. I went to pick up my girlfiend (purposely misspelled) in Long Island only to hear that she wasn’t going due to a sprained ankle. After kissing her ass for a half hour we finally left for the […]

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