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Salboken Cassatta III – Behind BARZZ – Bar, Restaurant & Nightlife News

Author: Salboken Cassatta III

Summer Season 2017 – Ocean City

Our next stop on the 2017 Summer tour takes us to Ocean City.  No, not the dry town in NJ.  We covered the Jersey Shore here.   We’re venturing a little bit further south to the other Ocean City, more affectionately known as OCMD.   To find a full list of bars in Ocean City, MD, […]

Summer Season 2017 – Jersey Shore

It’s time to kick off the 2017 summer beach season with top places to hit at the Jersey Shore.  Hopefully by now everyone has purged from their memories the meathead fueled train wreck show that bears the same name as the popular New Jersey destination spot. To find a full list of bars up and […]

New Bar Openings – Seattle 2017

The music community continues to mourn the untimely loss of Seattle’s own Chris Cornell who helped bring grunge to the world in the 80’s with Soundgarden.   As Seattleites remember another homegrown musician gone too soon, we offer new beginnings of another variety.   Here are some new bars opening their doors in Seattle in 2017.   […]

New Bar Openings – San Diego 2017

2017 started off cruel in San Diego with the NFL approving the Chargers move northward to Los Angeles.   Where one road ends, new ones begin.  Here are several bars that opened their doors in 2017 in San Diego that should help keep your mind off the football heist.   photo: Fifth & Rose The first of […]

New Bar Openings – Philadelphia 2017

  Recently we travelled around Philly to find the best sports bars for watching the city’s wildly successful inaugural hosting of the NFL Draft.  Today we look at several newly opened bar and restaurant venues that should grace your future plans for a night out on the town.   photo: 24 Wood Fired Fare The […]

New Bar Openings – Los Angeles 2017

While LA City Council members and others mark the 25th anniversary of the LA riots, we’ll shift the focus from the chaos and destruction of the tragic events in 1992, to the spirit of revival and rebirth.   Ranging from karaoke and cocktails to a couple new Middle Eastern influenced venues, check out these newly opened […]

New Bar Openings – Chicago 2017

As the Cubbies begin their World Series defense and springtime nears, there were some new watering holes that opened their doors in the Windy City in 2017.    From new cocktail bars to a giant hot tub, check out what has recently opened in Chicago over the past few months.   photo: cracked at 695 Crack […]

New Bar Openings – NYC 2017

The M.O.A.B. news story took everyone by storm the other day with its maiden voyage in East Afghanistan.   While we don’t have anything nearly as destructive, we do have some possible maiden voyages of the drinking variety.   If you’re in NYC and looking to kick back with a cocktail at someplace new, we profile […]

How To Turn Your Beer Green

It’s that time of year again when everything is green, even if it’s 20 degrees out with nothing but snow and ice on the ground.   St. Patrick’s Day brings out the green no matter what the weather or where you plan to celebrate.   Of course, throwing back a beer or two is another common tradition […]

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