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Michael Theil – Page 2 – Behind BARZZ – Bar, Restaurant & Nightlife News

Author: Michael Theil

Master of Your Domain

20 years ago the golf world was put on notice with Tiger Woods’ dominant 12-stroke win at the Masters Tournament.  There’s no Tiger this year, but the 83-year old tournament remains an annual April tradition in the golfing world, and unlike other major championships, is always held in the same location at Augusta National Golf […]

No Laughing Matter Tequila

One of the unique perks of the greatest trade show of the year, the Nightclub & Bar Show in Vegas, is being surrounded by a wide variety of new wine, beer and liquor companies from all over the world and sampling the goods.    Whether launching a new product, looking for increased distribution, or building a […]

Power on the Go

We’ve all been there. You’re out at a bar or restaurant and you pull your phone out only to discover the battery is quickly dipping below 10%. Time is running out. Maybe there’s an extra charger behind the bar as you watch the bartender scrambling asking around to no avail. Perhaps you had foresight to […]

Hard Times at the Taj Pave Way for the Hard Rock

Atlantic City has endured a rough decade.  According to the Press of Atlantic City, “Property values fell by a third, the casino industry shed more than 21,000 jobs and the poverty rate increased dramatically.”  Certainly the financial crisis of 2008 and the wider impact on the broader economy caused much of the downturn like other parts […]

Jevo Makes Room for Jello

What Keurig systems have done for coffee, Jevo is attempting to do for gelatin. Jevo is an automated gelatin shot maker that replaces the arduous several hour task of manual gelatin shot making into a 10-minute effortless, flavorful delight. For bar owners, the machine takes up minimal space and offers up a highly profitable opportunity […]

POS System Gets Smart

The Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas is an annual gathering of exhibitors promoting new and innovative solutions for businesses in the hospitality industry.    On March 28, the show kicked off with a historic announcement between Jon Taffer, Executive Producer and Host of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, and Jared Isaacman, CEO of Harbortouch, a […]

Bar Refuses to Make America Great Again

Man emulates Donald Trump’s litigious past by suing NYC bar when he was allegedly refused service for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.   The Donald Trump effect continues to manifest itself in unusual ways as the NY Post reports a man has sued the NYC West Village bar, The Happiest Hour, for refusing service […]

Robot Bartenders?

Are robots really that far away from making your next cocktail behind the bar? The digital age has transformed our lives in countless ways how we interact and transact with one another.  Among these innovations are automated methods of completing transactions which were otherwise performed by people.  We have already become accustomed to the self-checkout […]

Yuengling Gets a Makeover

America’s oldest brewery is re-branding its traditional Yuengling Lager, Light Lager and Black & Tan brands.   It will be more difficult not to acknowledge the oldest brewery in the United States now that Yuengling has re-branded it’s packaging with one of the more prominent changes including a larger emphasis on “America’s Oldest Brewery” text […]

History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and one of Christianity’s most famous and widely known figures.  He was born in Britain sometime in the late 4th century to a wealthy family.  His father was a Christian deacon, although there is no particular evidence that he came from a religious family.  St. Patrick most […]

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