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Beer Mug Beer Pilsner Brandy Snifter
Champagne Flute Collins/Highball Margarita
Martini Red Wine Sherry
Shot Sour White Wine
Bottle and Can Opener
Citrus Stripper – Tool that cuts ¼-inch strips from citrus rinds.
Cocktail Napkins
Cocktail Shaker – A Standard Sshakers is available in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is preferred as it keeps the drink colder. Most will come with a strainer. A Boston Shaker is made up with a stainless steel shell and a mixing glass with both fitting together end to end.
Cutting Board
Funnel – Mainly used to put a liquid back in its original bottle if overmeasured.
Ice Bucket and Tongs
Ice Crusher
Ice Scoop
Jigger – Traditionally, a double-sided device with a large measure on one end (usually about 1 ½ oz.) and a smaller one on the other (usually about 1 oz). Jiggers come in different sizes, but usually max out at 3 ounces. This piece of equipment is especially handy when making drinks that call for a collection of ingredients that measure only a few ounces where a slight deviation from the recipe could significantly alter the taste of the drink.
Juicer – Measuring Spoons and Cups
Mixing Glass – Usually referred to the cocktail shaker, although any large glass or even pitchers can be used.
Muddler – A wooden muddler is used to crush ingredients such as cherries, mint leaves, lemons, or limes. It is often used prior to adding ice as a way to allow the ingredients to release their oils and other flavors.
Nutmeg Grater  
Paring Knife – A small, sharp stainless steel paring knife is essential for cutting garnishes.
Pitcher – Used either for serving drinks in large quantities or as a mixing glass for drinks stirred with ice.
Stirring Rod and Bar Spoon  
Strainer – As mentioned above, some shakers will include a built-in strainer. If not, a strainer is essential for keeping most of the ice, fruit pulp, or other ingredients in the shaker when pouring. There are two basic types of strainers – the Hawthorne Strainer and Julep Strainer. The Hawthorne is the more common of the two and contains a wire spring that encircles the rim of the strainer. With the Boston Shaker, this strainer fits will with the stainless steel shell. The Julep is similar to the Hawthorne, but does not contain a wire spring and instead of being flat, it has a slightly concave surface that fits nicely inside the glass part of a Boston Shaker or other glass.
Swizzle Sticks
Toothpicks – Generally long, plastic picks for spearing garnishes such as olives.
Vegetable Peeler
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