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  • BARZZ.Net Releases New Bar Search Page
  • By: Michael Theil
    • Posted on: 11/29/2011
    • We have recently enhanced our bar search page to integrate into our new design. The page can be accessed from the new home page by selecting either the Top Bars or Bar Specials links or by selecting Click All at the bottom of the bar list. A full list of bars from that city will display as default with several filter fields available to narrow your search including type, amenity, zip code, and keyword.  To find particular bar specials, users can select a specific day from the dropdown and further filter with any of the above criteria.
      This new release marks another step in our continuing effort to redesign BARZZ.Net and offer new features and functionality to better access information on bars and clubs around the country. New bars are signing up every day to further expand our content base.   Keep checking back for new enhancements and for your resource discovering bars and clubs.
      The new bar search page is currently available for select cities. The advanced bar search page (Bar Search menu option) is still available to access our full bar database to find bars anywhere in the country.  
      Visit our new bar search at
      As always, keep the feedback coming with your emails to or in the comment section below.
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