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Abisante – A pale green, anise-flavored liqueur.
Absinthe – A bitter, green or yellow alcoholic drink flavored with wormwood.
Advocaat – An eggnog liqueur from the Netherlands.
After Shock – A peppermint and cinnamon-flavored liqueur.
Akvavit (or Aquavit) – A spirit from Scandinavia that is distilled from grain and flavored with caraway seeds.
Alize – A passion fruit-flavored liqueur.
Amaretto – An almond-flavored liqueur made from apricot pits.
Anisette – A licorice-flavored liqueur made from the anise seed.
Apple Brandy – A brandy distilled from apple cider.
Apple Cider – A non-alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice. The alcoholic version is more commonly known as hard apple cider or just hard cider.
Apple Schnapps – A strong, dry spirit made from the distillation of apples.
Apricot Brandy – A grape brandy-flavored with apricot.
Apricot Liqueur – A cordial made from apricot pits.
Armagnac – Made from the same grapes and undergoing the same aging in oak barrels as Cognac, but using column still distillation.
B and B – A dry blended liqueur made from Benedictine and old Cognac; produced in France.
Banana Liqueur – A sweet liqueur made from bananas.
Benedictine – A brandy-based liqueur made from an herb formula by the Benedictine Monks in France.
Bitters – A bitter tasting drink made from plant extracts.
Blackberry Liqueur – A cordial produced by the maceration of blackberries.
Blue Curacao – A liqueur made from white Curacao and blue coloring.
Brandy – A spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit.
Butterscotch Schnapps – A butterscotch-flavored Schnapps.
Campari – A bright red type of orange bitters; named after its Italian inventor.
Canadian Whisky – A whisky usually made from rye that is blended and aged in oak casks for at least 5 years.
Chambord – A liqueur made from black raspberries.
Chartreuse – An herb-based liqueur created by Carthusian monks that come in yellow or green varieties.
Club Soda – A clear carbonated soda used mainly for mixing.
Cognac – A type of brandy that is made from a grape that grows in the Cognac region of western France.
Cointreau – A liqueur made from brandy and the skins of Curacao oranges.
Cooler – A drink made with either vodka, rum, or wine and mixed with a carbonated beverage.
Cordial – Sweetened spirits made from fruits, herbs, and peels.
Crème liqueurs – A group of sweet liqueurs that generally have a cream texture.
Curacao – An orange-flavored liqueur made from dried orange peels.
Drambuie – A whisky made with scotch and flavored with honey and herbs.
Dry Gin – An aromatic, light-flavored gin.
Dubonnet – A type of vermouth made from wine, spiced, and aged herbs.
Eggnog – An alcoholic drink made of eggs, milk, sugar, and rum (also sometimes made with brandy or whisky).
Falernum – A low-alcohol West Indian flavoring syrup made with ginger, lime, almonds, and spices.
Fino Sherry – A very dry type of sherry
Frangelico – An Italian liqueur made of hazelnuts and berries.
Galliano – An Italian liqueur-flavored with herbs, roots, berries, and spices.
Gin – An alcoholic drink made from malted grain and flavored with juniper berries.
Goldwasser – A sweet, colorless, herb-flavored liqueur with pieces of gold specks added.
Grand Marnier – A sweet cognac-based liqueur flavored with orange peels.
Grappa – An Italian brandy made from grape skins remaining after producing wine.
Grenadine – A thick, red, non-alcoholic syrup used in cocktails.
Irish Cream – A smooth, creamy, light brown liqueur made with whisky.
Irish Mist – A whisky-based liqueur flavored with honey and herbs.
Irish Whisky – A grain whisky made in Ireland, which include several types: Single Malt, Pure Pot Still, and Blended Whisky.
Jagermeister – A dark red herb liqueur made in Germany.
Kahlua – A coffee-flavored liqueur.
Kirsch – A clear brandy made from the double distillation of the fermented juice of small black cherries. It is aged in a paraffin-lined cask, instead of wood, which makes it colorless.
Kummel – A sweet, clear liqueur flavored with caraway and anise seeds.
Lillet – A light, aperitif wine made with herbs, spices, and fruits. It is made with French brandy or other liqueurs and a blend of Bordeaux wines.
Liqueur – A sweet alcoholic beverage usually served after a meal that is flavored with fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, or plants.
Lime Mix – A mix of sugar, water, and lime puree that is used to make cocktails such as daiquiris and margaritas.
Madeira – A wine made in the Madeira Islands off the coast of Africa that resembles sherry and aged in casks for several months in a very warm chamber.
Malibu Rum – A white rum flavored with coconut.
Mandarine Napoleon – A brandy-based liqueur flavored with tangerine peels; similar to Grand Marnier (see above).
Maraschino Liqueur – A cherry liqueur made from Maraska cherries.
Mescal (or Mezcal) – A spirit distilled similar to tequila.
Orange Flower Water – An essence of orange flower made by the distillation of orange petals used to accent mixed drinks.
Orange Liqueur – An orange-flavored liqueur made either by the maceration or infusion method.
Orgeat Syrup – A bitter, almond-flavored syrup.
Pale Ale – A bronze to full copper-colored beer as opposed to a brown ale or porter.
Pasteurization – The heating of beer at a high temperature to stop the growth of yeast that may remain in the beer after packaging.
Pilsner or Pilsener – A bottom-fermented, light-colored beer with a flowery hop aroma and dryness.
Porter – A dark brown or black beer originating in London; traditionally top-fermented with a good hop balance.
Priming – The addition of sugar at the maturation stage to encourage a secondary fermentation in beer.
Pub – Short for public house; a public place serving beer and other alcoholic drinks.
Scotch Ale – Smooth, dark, malty style ale from Scotland.
Secondary fermentation – Fermentation process in a closed cask for additional maturation or carbonation.
Shelf life – The period of time a beer retains its peak drinkability
Skunky – Spoiled beer caused by exposure to light and having a skunk-like smell.
Sparge – The spraying of spent grains with hot water in the mash tun or lauter tun to flush out any remaining malt sugars.

Square -

A traditional, open fermenting vessel.
Steam Beer – An American beer style saved by the Anchor Brewery in San Francisco.
Stout – Dark brown to black beer made with highly roasted grains and traditionally top-fermentation.
Tangy – A strong, sharp taste or smell.
Tart – Taste sensation caused by acidic flavors.
Top-fermenting – Used in making ale; fermentation at warmer temperatures producing a fruitier, sweeter taste.
Trappist - Ales brewed by monks of the Trappist order in Belgium.
Tun – A large vessel used in brewing
Weizen or Weisse - German for wheat or white beer.
Wort - The liquid resulting from the mashing process; usually rich in malt and sugars.
Yeast – A kind of fungus that causes alcohol and carbon dioxide to be produced while it is developing; used to cause fermentation in the making of beer.
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