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Cigars can basically be divided into two broad categories based on their shape. One type is a cigar with straight sides known as Parejos. The other cigar type is characterized by an irregular shape and known as Figurados.

Parejos can be further broken down into three other categories based on size.  One broad category of straight cigars includes Coronas.  All Coronas contain a rounded head and open foot.  Presidentes, Double Coronas, Robustos, and Churchills are all considered types of Corona cigars.  The Presidente cigar (also known as Gigante) is the largest of the standard cigar sizes.  The ring gauge measurement is the diameter expressed in 64ths of an inch.  Thus, a ring gauge of 50 is a cigar that is 50/64 inches thick.  They range from a 52 to 54 ring and can be 8” to 10” long.  The Presidente offers a much longer smoke than most cigars, up to 1½ hours, because of its large size.  The Double Corona is generally between a 48 and 52 ring and between 7½” and 8” inches long.  Robustos average a 50 ring and 5” length.  They are often referred to as Rothschilds after Baron de Rothschild.  This cigar is distinguished by its wide ring gauge relative to its short length.  The Churchill is named after the famous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, Winston Churchill.  The average Churchill measures 7” in length with a 47 ring gauge. 

Another category of the Parejos cigar is the Panatela. Panatelas are thinner cigars that generally range in ring size from 33 to 38. Shorter Panetelas average 5” in length while the Long Panatela can be up to 7 ˝” in length. They are relatively hard to find, since the dimensions of the cigar (thin and long), can be very difficult to roll properly. Also, since the burn area is small, they tend to smoke hotter than thicker cigar types.
A third type of Corona cigar is the Lonsdale, named after Hugh Cecil Lowther, the 5th Earl of Lonsdale. The average length of the Lonsdale is between 6” and 7” with a standard 42 ring gauge.
Figuardos are named for cigars characterized by an irregular shape. The smallest of this style is the Belicoso, which is known for its refined, pointed head. The average size of a Belicoso is about a 48 ring by 6” length. Torpedos are a peculiar-shaped cigar with a large open foot, tapered head, and a slight bulge in the middle. The Torpedo averages 6˝” in length and 52 ring gauge. The Pyramid is another example of the irregular-shaped cigars. Pyramids are characterized by a large foot gradually tapering down to a smaller head. This allows for a larger burn area while maintaining a relatively manageable head. The Perfecto is similar to the Torpedo with its bulge in the middle, but in this case, is tapered at both ends, while the Torpedo is only pointed at the head.
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