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Cigar Ingredients
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Cap or Head -
The tip section of the cigar, which is cut off with a cutter or punctured to allow for an easy draw. Also called a flag, the cap is composed of a loose leaf of tobacco applied with natural glue as the finishing touch, which prevents the wrapper from unraveling.
Wrapper -
The wrapper is the outer leaf of the cigar. It is stretched onto the cigar to ensure leaf-free seams. Wrappers come in many different shades and contribute to the cigar's overall taste and burn. Shades of wrappers range from a natural or light color to a darker hue or maduro. While darker wrappers are generally stronger, this is not always the case. The wrapper color does not always signify the strength of the cigar. A darker shade of wrapper takes on its hue by allowing to be darkened through the aging process.
Filler -
The filler is the main ingredient comprising the bulk of the cigar and affecting its strength. Filler comes from various parts of the tobacco plant, which correlates to the leaf flavor. The base part of the plant provides leaves of light flavor, from the center is a mild flavor, and the crown of the plant gives a richer texture. There are two main types of cigar filler - long and short. Long filler is made of long leaves of tobacco and are generally of higher quality. All premium handmade cigars are long-filler cigars. Short filler is generally composed of leaves, stems, and other scraps of tobacco generated by a machine.
Binder -
The cigar is held together by the binder, which is a tough, course leaf that goes around the filler. Binder leaves can come from the same part of the tobacco plant as the filler and are generally best if coming from the lower part of the plant.
Foot -
The end of the cigar that is lit.
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