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The Origin of Valentine’s Day Michael Theil

The origin of Valentine's Day dates back almost 2000 years ago in the Roman Empire around 270 A.D. During this time period in the 3rd century, the empire had expanded to such an extent that it had become difficult to defend against the many neighboring barbarian tribes.  There was also a very transient succession of rulers who were often killed in battle that contributed to much intern...

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History of Mardi Gras Michael Theil
The history of Mardi Gras, which literally is French for Fat Tuesday, dates back well before Europeans came to the New World. In Ancient Rome, Romans celebrated Lupercalia which was a circus-like festival in mid February that was typified by merriment, feasting, dancing, and drinking. The festival, also known as Carnival, was eventually carried over into Christian tradition as a prelude to observing Lent. Since Lent is a period characterized as a season of fasting, penance, and preparation for Eas...
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