Current Location:

The Attic Rooftop
251 West 48th St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 956-1300

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Bar Type   Lounge
Amenities:   Bottle Service, Outdoor Bar, Outdoor Seating, Private Parties, Rooftop Bar, Rooftop Seating
Music Source   D.J.
Food Type   American (New)
Dress Code   Casual
Hours of Operation   Sun-Wed 5pm-12am
Thu 5pm-2am
Fri-Sat 5pm-4am

Specialty Drinks and Food

Signature Cocktails $16
Dusk Til Dawn
Jalapeno Infused El Tesoro Tequila, Agave, Fresh Lime, Mango Nectar, Jalapeno

Parkside Paloma
Patron Silver Tequila, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Fresh Lime, Amber Agave, Basil

New Aged Old Fashioned
Bulleit Bourbon, Raw Blue Agave Angostura Bitters, Carpano Antica Formula, Grapefruit Twist

Boot Legger
Makers Mark Bourbon, Handcrafted Lemonade, Amber Agave, Mint

Attic Mule
Effen Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Puree, Thyme, Agave, Ginger Beer

Strawberry Fields
Ultimat Vodka, Strawberry, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Cracked Pepper, St Germain

Manhattan Melon
Grey Goose Vodka, Fresh Watermelon, Lime Juice, Basil Infused Simple Syrup

Graden Spritz
Vodka, Cucumber, Fresh Ginger, Lime Juice, St Germain, Topped with Prosecco Cucumber Ribbon Garnish

Karma Chameleon
St Germain, Fresh Lemon, Color Changing Purple Wild Hibiscus Flower Extract, Prosecco

The Bushwhacker
Bombay Sapphire, Fresh Blackberry, Turmeric, Infused Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime, Rosemary

Kiwi Kiss
Hendricks Gin, Muddled Kiwi, Fresh Lime Juice, Orange Bitters

Rooftop Runner
Bacardi White Rum, Coconut Puree, Banana Juice, Fresh Lime, Angostura Bitters, Ground Cardamom

Penthouse Plum
Gin, Plum Preserves, Honey Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Fresh Plum

Tiki Peachy
Bacardi 8, Peach Nectar, Fresh Lime, Cointreau, Prosecco, Basil

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