Current Location:

LA Costa
40th & Landis Ave
Sea Isle City, NJ 08243
(609) 263-3756

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Bar Type   Lounge, Music Venue, Pickup/Singles
Amenities:   Outdoor Area, Outdoor Bar, Outdoor Seating, 2 Pool Tables
Music Source   D.J., Live
Music Type   Classic Rock, Hard Rock, POP, Rock
Dress Code   Casual
Payment Options   American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa
Hours of Operation   Daily 10am-2:30am

Bar Specials

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$3 Bud & Bud Light Bottles All Day & Night
$3 Fireball Shots 9-Close
$3 Skyy Drinks 9-Close
$5 Frozen Drinks till 7p
$3 Coors Lite All Day & Night
$3 Twisted Teas/ $5 Loaded Teas
$8 302s 9-12am
$5 Frozen Drinks till 7pm
$3 Coors Lite all Day & Night
$3 Corona all Day & Night
$3 Tully shots 9-close
$5 Frozen Drinks till 7pm
$1 Coors Light 5-9pm
$3 Coors Light 9-close
$3 Corona all Day & Night
$3 Fireball 9-Close
$3 Skyy Drinks
$5 Frozen Drinks 11-7pm
$4 Bud Light 11-9pm
$3 Bud Lite 9pm-11pm
$15 Dos Equis Buckets 11-9pm
$15 Ship Wreck Rum Buckets 11-9pm
$4 Twisted Teas/ $ 5 Loaded Teas
$4 Coors Lite 11-9pm
$3 Coors Lite 9pm-11pm
$6 Titos Vodka & Lemonade in a mason jar all Day & Night
$4 Bud & Bud Lite all Day & Night

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