Current Location:

Black Hound Bar & Grill
301 South End Ave
New York, NY 10280
212 945.0562

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Bar Type   After Work, Cocktail, Neighborhood
Amenities:   Full Menu, Private Parties
Dress Code   Business Casual
Payment Options   American Express, Mastercard, Visa
Hours of Operation   Open 4:30 pm Nightly
Parking   Near Public Transportation

Specialty Drinks and Food

Avant Garde - $13

An Ideal Husband
– Oscar Wilde –
Pimm’s No 1, Lemon, Ginger,
Strawberry, Mint, Prosecco

Glass Armonica
– Benjamin Franklin –
Hayman’s Gin or Tito’s Vodka, Lemon, Seasonal House-made Jam

Curse of Lono
– Hunter Thompson –
Tito’s Vodka, St. Germain, Liquor 43, Strawberries; Topped with Prosecco

Widow Douglas
– Mark Twain –
Dewars & Islay Scotch, Ginger, Honey, Peach, Lemon, Peach Bitters

Hour Glass
– William Butler Yeats –
Control Pisco, Grapefruit, OJ, Egg White, Orange Blossom Water, Apricot

La Gitanilla
– Miguel de Cernates –
Centenario Silver Tequila,
Red Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Lime

– George Bernard Shaw –
Martin & Miller Gin, Lillet, Cointreau, Lemon, Grapefruit, Absinthe, Lavender

Finishing Touches
– Jean Kerr –
Sazerac Rye, Absinthe,
Maple Bitters, Roasted Pecans

Guy Mannering
– Sir Walter Scott –
Goslings Rum, Rhubarb,
Ginger, Lime, Demerara Syrup

Moveable Feast
– Ernest Hemmingway –
Sazerac Rye, Amaro Montenegro, Luxardo

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