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Art of Toasting
Main History of Toasting Art of Toasting Column
Toasting is a ceremonial act of kindness signifying hospitality and friendship among a group of people. However, it is important for the toast to be well-received and relatable to elicit the warm feeling its intended to provide. Thus, there is an element of skill and preparedness that is required to deliver an effective toast. Its effectiveness is dependent on how well the toast sounds intelligent, relevant, witty, and warm. Delivering a toast can be a daunting and intimidating task, especially when one generally feels nervous about talking in front of a large group of people. However, this anxiety can be overcome by preparing properly and following a simple set of guidelines. .

Prior to delivering the toast, it is important to reflect on specific and personal anecdotes related to the subject, which can be a person or an event. It may even help to write down several stories in a brainstorming session so that there are several ideas to choose from. It is important that the stories contain either a bit of humor or revelation about the subject, preferably both. However, be sure that the story is in good taste to avoid the possibility of creating an environment of tension or uneasiness, which will ultimately distract from the goodwill of the toast.

When pulling the toast together, make sure that it is relatively brief. By going on too long, it becomes more difficult to maintain the attentiveness of your audience. The toast should also seamlessly flow with the anecdotes being used. There should be a common theme to ensure cohesiveness. Also, while it’s helpful to introduce yourself in the beginning, it’s important not too steer away from the purpose of the toast, which is to celebrate the subject and not oneself.

When it comes time to deliver the toast, always stand when addressing the audience. As previously mentioned, it helps to provide a personal introduction and describing one’s relation to the subject. Before beginning the story or anecdote, utilizing a quote can be effective in providing the appropriate context and theme. Always end the toast on a positive note and allow the subject, if it is a person, an opportunity to respond. Toasts should never be applauded. Rather, having a drink from your glass is adequate approval.

By preparing yourself as detailed above and combing through our vast database of toasts and quotes for ideas and inspiration, you will be well on your way in becoming a true Toastmaster.
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